With over 10 years of experience and expertise in curatorial art installation for museums, galleries and private collectors, Main Field Projects is well known for its excellence, precision and esthetics. Employing a strong combination of artistry and efficiency, our installation teams ensure use of the most appropriate installation techniques, tools and methods to achieve the jointly agreed effect desired by its clients. Our range of expertise spans all scales and mediums including large scale outdoor sculpture and new media and video installations.



Our art handler drivers are trained in museum standards to ensure safe handling and transportation of client property locally and regionally. Staff are trained in every component of the advanced techniques of artwork transport: clean surfaces and clean cargo spaces; nitrile or white cotton gloved handling of artwork; proper vertically oriented stacking techniques; new wrapping and packing materials; and uniform, coordinated artwork handling safety protocols during cargo loading and offloading. Together with local transport, we also provide short and long distance ground artwork shuttle, air and ocean freight.



With over 18,000 square feet of warehouse space in Los Angeles, Main Field Projects provides competitive rates and options for storage of art and objects of all dimensions and mediums. Exclusive, proprietary storage space options are available. We exercise meticulous care and precision in all stages of the storage process: receiving; cataloging; staging; and release.



Our packing specialists are fully trained in advanced packing techniques and use only high quality archival materials to package artworks in any media for local transport, shipment or storage.  We have packaged objects as varied as two-dimensional and sculptural pieces, multi-media installations, antiques, home furnishings and complex installation environments.



Main Field Projects builds each custom crate based on specific, varifiable measurements for each piece of art that is to be transported or shipped. All crates are built to highly exacting specifications and standards in order to ensure the protection of the artwork through the entire transport process.



We provide design guidance and coordinate production of fine art conservation framing. We approach frame design and production with the same level of detail and precision that exemplifies all other areas of our art handing service. We approach framing with an overarching commitment to aesthetic perfection. Our framing philosophy is that a picture frame, a pedestal, a mount or any other display device is produced exclusively to serve the most unique and defining characteristics of the artwork.



Our team’s extensive global art logistics experience ensures safe and timely delivery of shipments. Working with the industry’s leading transportation and shipping companies, we also provide air and ocean freight shipping as well as facilitation of customs clearance for import/export.



Main Field Projects - along with its parent company - Silverdust Industries, LLC - is very involved in curatorial projects and activities at both the collaborative and initiative levels. We work with artists, curators, for- and non-profit arts institutions, dealers, advisors and private collectors as well as architects, interior designers and landscape architects on the formation and display of collections of art. We also provide and manage exhibition venues and coordinate events showcasing new work and/or newly contextualized bodies of artwork as a multifaceted introspective investigation of art practice which engages and exercises every aspect of MFP’s collective interest in considering, appreciating, handling and displaying art.



MFP consults and advises across all of our service sectors and at all levels of project complexity and size. Our vast art handling experience and our appreciation and understanding of contemporary art practice gives us a powerful and creative framework from which we are able to provide sound technical and curatorial advice. We work closely with artists, curators, collectors, architects, landscape architects and contractors on developing and implementing foundational engineering solutions in the display of massive and complicated outdoor and architecturally integrated sculpture, new media and video. We advise on framing and display device design as well as site-specific construction and fabrication, and we assist with artist/architect interface, exhibition and art event planning, artwork shipment and distribution, basic measures toward onsite artwork protection and conservation, storage space design and collections management. With our emphasis on curatorial installation, museum-level packing and handling, and meticulous collection management our consultation services allow for comprehensive immediate-to-long term art ownership and display planning.